Posted on February 3, 2011


Translation is a practice. And as with every practice, there are politics in translation. The translation of the powerful reduces every experience from another context into a sentence coherent in a closed logic of language and singularly located experience.  Our translation rails against this and looks for something different.  It is about creating bridges, producing spaces between, making connections. Our practice is a process alive and pregnant with interaction, not aiming to shift a discourse from one position to another, reducing its difference to the limited logic of our own tongue. 

Everyday we are engaged in processes of translation, with those with whom we share politics and with those with whom we do not, with people in spaces and milieus, and also across them. Through translation we learn from each other and shape each other in the process.

In this section of The Paper we are not looking for the fidelity of translation but for achieving a betweenness, in which ideas, languages can be shared, interpreted, re-interpreted and retranslated. Practicing translation acts against enclosure – in the school, university or nation-state – and opens it up to making practical and theoretical connections. A hyper-textual space composed by many languages, for linking with other experiences to reshape our everyday politics in the urgent moment of the here and now.

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