DeSchool, D-Skool, ReallyReally Freeschool

Posted on March 6, 2011


Surrounded by institutions and universities, there is newly occupied space where education can be re-imagined. Amidst rising fees and mounting pressure for ‘success’, we value knowledge in a different currency: one that everyone can afford to trade. In this school, skills are swapped and information shared, culture cannot be bought or sold. Here is an autonomous space to find each other, to gain momentum, to cross-pollinate ideas and actions.

If learning amounts to little more than preparation for the world of work, then this school is the antithesis of education. There is more to life than wage slavery. This is a part of the latest chapter in a long history of resistance. It is an open book, a pop-up space with no fixed agenda, unlimited in scope. This space aims to cultivate equality through collaboration and horizontal

participation. A synthesis of workshops, talks, games, discussions, lessons, skill shares, debates, film screenings. Our time in these buildings is short, we have the next couple of weeks to zhumba, zhumba, zhumba. Lets take education into our own hands.

Propose a session, share your knowledge, extend your skillz, or just come down to the space – for venue and more details see

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